Cool jobs here!

Since I’m hiring you know its going to be interesting work. I’m looking for a few eager eyed newbies to hire.

1. The Web Content Manager

If you have used any kind of web based content management system or web application (at least Yahoo mail) you almost got the job. Then again you have to be a bit careful and pay attention to details like spelling.

You don’t necessarily need to be a web master or know HTML. But if your heading that way this is a good place to start.

2. The Customer Support Agent

If you are young and you can talk on the phone for hours, there is a job for you.

3. The Intern

I’m hiring an intern. Someone who wants to do web applications. Some of my old freelance clients needs some updates, and there are a few ideas I want to implement myself. If you like to get started with Linux, Apache, PHP, MySql etc let me know.

Man I wish I had jobs like this back in the day.

Jobs 1 and 2 are full time for the company I work for. Job 3 is a more freelance kind of position for 6 months. Email me your resumes and we’ll take it from there.