Monthly Archives: April 2007

Avoid Colombo Today

Just got back after trying to get into Colombo in 3 routes. It was a mess. Nothing was moving beyond Nawinna, Rajagiriya or Nawala. Then on the way back I saw a check point in Maharagama checking each person on each bus.

On the verge of a good evening where we are taking on challenge of becoming the world champions in cricket again this is what we our people at home have to go through just to get to work.

Disable Windows XP Language Bar

Windows XP Language Bar

Sadly I’m back in Windows for office work. One of the annoying things I noticed on Windows XP was the Language Bar in the Taskbar. Even if you right click the Taskbar; go to Toolbars and disable the Language Bar it comes back when you log back in.

You would think in the multitudes of updates someone would fix this, but no. I found a lot of resources detailing how to fix this. Here is my take.

  1. Go to Start –> Control Panel.
  2. Go to Regional and Language Options.
  3. Go to the Languages tab click the Details button.
  4. Under the Settings tab click the Language Bar button.
  5. Disable the check box for Show additional Language bar icons in the taskbar. (I personally disabled all the check boxes.)

Job Magnet

For some reason job queries seem to find me. I swear I don’t lurk in forums or job boards and keep calling people to see if they are hiring.

I used to when I was freelancing. I had all sorts of searches like PHP coming in as RSS feeds. I actually got a few positive responses but didn’t get any work.

If you are doing the same I suggest you have an updated online portfolio or a blog, that helps a lot.

Anyway there are still no decent job boards here. I guess I’ll have to do something about that.

There jobs are at Stax Inc. From what I heard they need a PHP person right now.

If you know me personally mail me your CV and I’ll forward to them with a recommendation. Because I get 500USD if you get hired. Not really, I wish :)

But wouldn’t it be great if it was so? Everyone would do a lot more to convince their friends to move.

Yellow Fade on the Road

I’m seeing a kind of yellow fade technique happening on our roads. I see eager souls standing beside what used to be a yellow pedestrian crossing. The problem is I don’t see it until I’m too close to stop.

I don’t mind honoring a few faded crossings on my normal route, but I can’t remember all of them. I’m sorry, if I can’t see them; they don’t exist.