Job Magnet

For some reason job queries seem to find me. I swear I don’t lurk in forums or job boards and keep calling people to see if they are hiring.

I used to when I was freelancing. I had all sorts of searches like PHP coming in as RSS feeds. I actually got a few positive responses but didn’t get any work.

If you are doing the same I suggest you have an updated online portfolio or a blog, that helps a lot.

Anyway there are still no decent job boards here. I guess I’ll have to do something about that.

There jobs are at Stax Inc. From what I heard they need a PHP person right now.

If you know me personally mail me your CV and I’ll forward to them with a recommendation. Because I get 500USD if you get hired. Not really, I wish :)

But wouldn’t it be great if it was so? Everyone would do a lot more to convince their friends to move.