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Yahoo! Mobile Web

Following up to Google Mobile Applications I thought I’d check out how Yahoo was doing in the mobile web department. I have to say Yahoo looks pretty decent and well thought out with their mobile portal.

The place to start exploring is the Yahoo! Mobile website. There are 2 main ways you can access Yahoo! Mobile from your phone.

  1. Yahoo! Mobile Web at
  2. Yahoo! Go is a mobile application that runs in your phone that helps you browse Yahoo services more easily. To install Yahoo! Go go to and click the Y! Go link.

Yahoo! Mobile Web interface

Yahoo Mobile Web

Google Mobile Applications

Google Mobile is the place to watch for Google’s web applications that are crossing over to the mobile world.

Recently Google Calendar was added to this Google Mobile suite of applications.

Here is a current list of mobile web applications by Google.

I found some more features down Lets hope someone standardizes these links. Right now they are all over the place. In case Google asks me heres my take for more sensible mobile urls. – Google Mobile Search – Gmail – Google Mobile News – Google Mobile Reader – iGoogle

Google Mobile
Google mobile more
Google News Mobile

Yahoo Photos Going Down

Yahoo! Photos Going Down

The word on the Internet is that Yahoo Photos is going down in favor of Flickr in the next few months.

I had a few old albums on Yahoo Photos. One album as old as 2001! The Yahoo Photos might be merged into Flickr at some point, but I’m not taking any chances.

I downloaded some photos I wanted to keep and imported them into F-Spot. Problem was they showed up on top as new photos from today, which is not what I want. When I copied them over the created date on the photos has changed to today’s date.

Here is the bash command I used to send the photos back in time.

touch --date=2001-10-05 *

In the future when selecting a good web application try to choose one that has a good export mechanism so you can get out if the service starts to go down.