Short Holiday

Hikkaduwa Beach

I finally got out of Colombo after a long time. In fact it was the first time I went beyond Beruwela after the Tsunami. Looks like Chathuranga had more fun than I driving all over the place.

The last crazy road trip I remember was Colombo –> Kandy –> Bandarawela –> Kandy –> Anuradhapura –> Kandy –> Colombo in about 4 days. That was in the late 90′s and in the final leg I remember coming down with fever.

Driving would have been easier with an extra half a liter of engine capacity and automatic gears. Then again the Zen is a city car so I was not expecting much. The cruising speed on 4th was about 60 and 5th about 80kmph so there was no way of getting a speeding ticket. :) But thanks for everyone for signaling me there were cops in front anyway.

Amaya Reef Hotel was average. Not much to complain or praise about. Oh by the way the Hikkaduwa reef is gone. That was my initial blatant observation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it all looked pretty dead to me.