Monthly Archives: June 2007

Why I don’t like multifunction devices

A long time ago I got a home stereo with everything at the time. Cassette player, CD player, digital radio etc. For a while it was running pretty well. Then after a while one cassette player started to malfunction, then the second and then the cd player. :(

At the end of the day I only had radio, and that too when it was not under repair.

Now when I see multifunction devices everywhere it freaks me out.

Lets say you buy a cool mobile phone with everything and the camera on it breaks. Would you take it to repair? Meanwhile how do you make calls?

In my last office we had a multifunction printer, the fax on it never worked right. If they sent it to repair how do we print stuff? So the fax bit never got fixed.

I bought this fancy DLINK wireless router for my current workplace. The wifi drops off from time to time, but I can’t go replace it since we’ll loose half a day of work. So we plug a network cable and work.

It is just me or is this a common experience?

Google Reader Offline Mode

Google Reader

Now you get a ‘Offline’ link on the top right hand side of Google Reader. You need to install Google Gears which enables you to write offline web applications.

Once the Google Gears Firefox extension is installed you can click the green down arrow to download about 2000 article headings to read offline.

When you are back online you can click the blue top arrow to sync your marked/read articles back to the service.

Applications like Google Gears will enable the last step for web applications to cross over to the desktop.

Under Pressure

Every once in a while I feel a drag when driving. Most of the time it was tire pressure. The Zen is supposed to have something like 27 psi but when it goes down to even 25 I feel the drag. The problem is the pressure drops every 2 weeks or so.

Any advice than check the tire pressure every week?