Why I don’t like multifunction devices

A long time ago I got a home stereo with everything at the time. Cassette player, CD player, digital radio etc. For a while it was running pretty well. Then after a while one cassette player started to malfunction, then the second and then the cd player. :(

At the end of the day I only had radio, and that too when it was not under repair.

Now when I see multifunction devices everywhere it freaks me out.

Lets say you buy a cool mobile phone with everything and the camera on it breaks. Would you take it to repair? Meanwhile how do you make calls?

In my last office we had a multifunction printer, the fax on it never worked right. If they sent it to repair how do we print stuff? So the fax bit never got fixed.

I bought this fancy DLINK wireless router for my current workplace. The wifi drops off from time to time, but I can’t go replace it since we’ll loose half a day of work. So we plug a network cable and work.

It is just me or is this a common experience?