Friday the 13th

This is not a old movie review. About a week ago I was just waking up and I was dreaming I was driving my car (not the coolest car in the world, but anyway) and I crashed into something, shook and woke up.

That was strange. When I got into the car the small meter (you know the one you can reset) read 111. Okay, so I go about my day. There were about 3 close calls that day but I managed not to crash with my super agile driving skills, yay!

Oh the last trip of the day was to a hospital late at night. There when we were done admitting a patient a gecko squeaked as the guard was trying to open the main doors to let us out. He stopped and made us stand there for a few minutes before we could leave.

I said I could just go the other way where it was open but the guard insisted we stay a while. Freaky.

But here’s the deal I’m a science loving new age person. Superstition doesn’t make sense to me. I wish I was not polluted with these crazy notions people pass down from generation to generation. Its hard enough surviving in this country, we don’t need no superstition.