Juice Place

photo by Olivander

I don’t know about you but I think supermarket cordials suck. First most brands start off with a decent mix then they slowly dilute it down until sales drop, then they come back thicker but at a higher cost.

I’ve tried almost all of them. MD Nelli and mixed fruit was great to start with but soon went down in taste and went up in price. KVC guava was and is still good, their mix fruit not so good.

There is a place affectionately named as The Jam Factory. Which is better than the official name of Fruits and Vegetables Private Limited. But their juices are good and almost half price of what you pay for a supermarket sucker.

The Jam Factory is down Buthgamuwa Road off Rajagiriya. You can turn in your washed jam and cordial bottles and I think they give you a discount. Very green of them.

Anyway that is my juicy tip for the day. :)