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Greener Cars

Looks like my problem with coping with fuel hikes goes hand in hand with driving green. I found a few related articles on TreeHugger.

Proper Tire Pressure For Better Mileage

New Cars to Check Tire Pressure Automatically

Green Your Drive Without a Hybrid
1. Reduce your air conditioning
2. Change your filters at scheduled intervals
3. Check your tire pressure regularly
4. Use a fuel additive in each fill-up to increase engine performance
5. Get fuel injectors cleaned

Tony’s Guide to Fuel saving seems to have a lot of useful information, thanks JL.

It’s In The Bag

I bought this environmentally friendly bad a few weeks ago at Arpico. It was like 75 bucks and I thought it was a good idea at the time. They happily put my stuff in the new eco bag and I was on my way.

The thing about an eco bag is your supposed to reuse it. So I took it back today. To my surprise I was told I can’t take the bag in. Their “leave your bags at the counter outside” policy contradicted with my quest to save the earth.

I explained to the security guy that they sold me the bad to spare the use of polythene and I was going to take it in. I even showed that it was empty and I was going to put the stuff I buy in it.

After 15 seconds of explaining and the other security guy at the exit telling this guy to let me go, he got off my case.

Arpico please brief your employees so I don’t have to.

I’m still pissed at the whole thing. I’m going to keep taking my bag back, that is if I feel like shopping there again. Because unlike your social responsibility show that you put on I care about where I live.

Right Time

Sri Lankans are not known to keeping to the right time, but at least you can try to keep your computers so.

On Windows XP if you double click on the clock in the task bar you will get a dialog that has a “Internet Time” tab. Both time servers in this screen was not working for me.

Windows XP Time and Date Settings

I changed it to from this list of the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) time servers that are available on the Internet. It seems my work computer was a few minutes off.

On Ubuntu you can find these settings under the menus System -> Administration -> Time and Date. You can change the Configuration to Keep synchronized with internet servers, and add servers from the Time servers.

Ubuntu Time and Date Settings

Update: Looks like Redmond has noticed Sri Lanka’s current time zone. :)

Sri Lanka’s Time Zone