Might be selling my car

Update: I have sold this.

2006 Suzuki Zen

I’m looking at changing my car. I’m not 100% sure yet, so don’t be disappointed if I don’t. I have a history of changing my mind about large transactions at the last minute. Also I’ve got attached to the little thing so I might not let go just yet.

Having said that it’s a Suzuki Zen. I bought it in May 2006, number is KB series. Sold and serviced by AMW. It does about 11km per liter in the city and about 15 outside.

It has not been driven by a lady doctor, mostly by me and I’m a good driver. :) It has 3M tint and a decent sound system. It has a few small scratches (to be realistic) which I will be painting in a week or so.

It just went over 13,000km since I’m a geek and I don’t get out much. :) I’m expecting LKR1,200,000.