Monthly Archives: December 2007

2007 I Hardly Knew Ya

2007 started great with a new job and new expectations. But I should have known better. As long as you work for someone your at their mercy. The only way to get what you want is to work for yourself.

Don’t get me wrong this job is the best I had so far. I just have to wake up a bit early but beyond that I can work from home or office, no one looking over my shoulder as long as my tasks are done.

I hoped I could do some open source contributions in 2007. Sadly I couldn’t do much than posting some links here. Maybe 2008 will be different. Lets see.

Christmas kind of sucked this year. Cake helped a bit and so did this Blaupunkt THb 210A.

Blaupunkt THb 210A

Now I have the thump of a 3 wheeler in a neat package with boot space to spare. Thanks to Chathuranga for the idea.

I’m not a concrete new year resolutions kind of guy but I’m hoping I’ll have to kick it up a notch next year. Oh shit that’s tomorrow! Ok ok what ever happens you will hear it first here.

Be kind enough to leave kind comments on my many social profile pages. See you on the other side of 2008, go open source!!!

SMS Reminders with Google Calendar on Dialog and Tigo

Google Calendar

Did you know you can get SMS reminders from Google Calendar in Sri Lanka? Well you can if your on Dialog or Tigo. Here’s how.

  1. Once in Google Calendar go to Settings (top right)
  2. Then go to Mobile Setup
  3. Select “Sri Lanka” for the “Country” and enter your mobile number like +94777xxxxxx
  4. Click Send Verification Code
  5. Enter the verification code you get on your mobile and click Finish Setup

Now when you add an event add a SMS reminder and you are set.

Bye Bye Civilunrest Guy

Its been a good run. I’ve had then .biz for too long now. I’m in the middle of end of year clean up. So I decided to let it go after all these years.

I’ve been called many things over the years including Java or PHP guy. The best was the Civilunrest guy. Here are a few reasons I’m letting go.

  • Lack of time. I have way too many sites and no one hanging out on them.
  • Civilunrest was cool at the time, but moving on it doesn’t fit my current mood.

I will bring back any information I feel that is relevant today. Anyway I want to thank everyone who visited and commented.