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Getting on Git

I’m trying out Git. Its a distributed version control system originally written by Linus Torvalds. I also looked at SVK and Mercurial but settled with Git since it’s commands made more sense to me.

I was happy with Subversion since 2004. Working alone with my notebook and client servers it has been very useful. Now the problem is I have too many workstations, servers, repositories and checkouts lying around I have to check where my latest code is before I start on any project.

I tried moving them to 2 online servers and checking out from there. But its slow and when I loose power or without an Internet connection I’m stuck.

Git might help me. When I’m done working on a project I should be able to commit locally and also sync a remote repository when I’m online. That way when I’m on another pc I can pull from a remote repository and start working.

All this is speculation at this point I will report back if it works as planned. If not I’m sticking with Subversion. :)

Being on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon I tried a aptitude search to see if I can install it.

aptitude search git

I thought I found it and installed the git package. I was wrong. You have to install the git-core package to get git.

sudo aptitude install git-core

And if your like and have some Subversion repositories to import you need to also install git-svn.

sudo aptitude install git-svn

Now to import a Subversion repository create a new directory for your git workspace and run something like this.

git-svnimport -v

Check out this tutorial introduction to git.

12 Mobile Sites And Applications

Now that we got 3G what are we going to do with it? Video calls are cool. I’ve made a few but most people don’t have compatible handsets yet. MMS is nice too you can send bigger pics without waiting forever. When you get bored of video calls and MMS check out some of these mobile sites and apps. Also please send in your suggestions in the comments.

  1. is one good place to start for search, Gmail, calendar, news and Picasa photos.
  2. for Sri Lankan services
  3. for Gmail app which works on most Java capable devices.
  4. all things Yahoo!
  5. Yahoo! Go application
  6. keep up with the blogosphere
  7. take your friends with you
  8. photo happy
  9. breaking news
  10. Colombo city guide
  11. the full web in compressed goodness
  12. chat application for MSN, Yahoo, GTalk and AIM

Improved Meta Description With WordPress

Google Webmaster tools was complaining that my content had duplicate meta descriptions. I found that it was always displaying the blog description on all the pages.

I found quite a few meta tag plugins but I settled for the Improved Meta Description Snippets plugin with a small modification.

I added this else block at line 119 In the improved-meta-description-snippets.php

else { 
	echo '';

That displays the default blog description on the home page. Then I removed the default meta description in the header.php in my current theme.


How do I change my site’s title and description?

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Improve snippets with a meta description makeover