12 Mobile Sites And Applications

Now that we got 3G what are we going to do with it? Video calls are cool. I’ve made a few but most people don’t have compatible handsets yet. MMS is nice too you can send bigger pics without waiting forever. When you get bored of video calls and MMS check out some of these mobile sites and apps. Also please send in your suggestions in the comments.

  1. mobile.google.com is one good place to start for search, Gmail, calendar, news and Picasa photos.
  2. www.google.lk/m/products for Sri Lankan services
  3. gmail.com/app for Gmail app which works on most Java capable devices.
  4. m.yahoo.com all things Yahoo!
  5. get.go.yahoo.com Yahoo! Go application
  6. m.technorati.com keep up with the blogosphere
  7. m.facebook.com take your friends with you
  8. m.flickr.com photo happy
  9. mobile.reuters.com breaking news
  10. www.colombocity.mobi Colombo city guide
  11. operamini.com the full web in compressed goodness
  12. get.ebuddy.com chat application for MSN, Yahoo, GTalk and AIM