Monthly Archives: April 2008

Fixing PHP Redirect On Nokia N80 Web Browser

I had a problem on a PHP page that was supposed to redirect to another page after some process was done. This is the code I used.


This kept giving me a

Web: no gateway reply

So after looking at the PHP manual for the header function and HTTP status codes I managed to get it working with this redirect.

header("Location:", 307);

Side Projects and Collaboration

I’ve been getting some requests for small PHP projects. At the moment I’m not taking on any projects. If you still think I should have a look email me a specification or the requirement and I will try to give some feedback or recommend another person who might be willing to take it on.

Freelance developers! Please contact me with a brief of your skills so I can contact you when I get requests like this.

Back on Twitter

After leaving Twitter some time ago I have come back. I think I understand it a bit more now. Its all about the people behind the websites or something like that.

I took Chamara’s advice and installed Twitter tools to post my new post links to twitter.

I have noticed some traffic coming from twitter, but mostly new visitors. I got a nice spike a few weeks ago when I submitted this blog to StumbleUpon. Same effect of new users came and left.

I have to find a way to keep people for longer and keep them coming back. Any ideas?