Things to do on Earth Day and Beyond

April 22 is Earth Day so I thought of spending my lazy Sunday morning looking at how to save the world! Here is what I came up with.

Change to CFL bulbs for long running locations. I’ve noticed they bust sooner for short running lights like in the store room and bathroom. I’ve switched to 90% CFL. The units are down but the bill keeps going up (only in Sri Lanka).

Buy CFL’s at an electrical shop rather than a supermarket. They will advise you better on which ones are better and where they will fit.

Consider motion sensors and timing units for lighting where appropriate. I have a motion sensor spot light at a dark corner of the garden and an automatic water pump system. I’m waiting for LED home lighting but I guess it’ll be a while more till we get them down here.

Make use of daylight as much as possible. Move desks around knock down walls if needed. :)

Heating and cooling
That last point helps with ventilation and cuts down on running fans all day.

Look at overall air flow in the house, use an exhaust fan where needed. Consider running the exhaust fan on a solar panel directly. When the heat is up the sun is up, use the free energy falling from the sky.

If you need heated water consider solar heating. If you have a electric water heater turn it down to the bare minimum you need.

If you have space and a garden look at rain water harvesting. At least to water the garden. You can also filter it and use it to flush the toilet.

In the bathroom change to a low-flow shower head and a dual flush toilet. Use faucet aerators for kitchen and bathroom taps.

We love our gadgets, but do they have to be on all the time? Stand by power still uses some power. Turn it off from the wall if you are not using it.

According to this a LCD TV is better than a Plasma. My aging CRT is close to a LCD so it’ll do for the time being.

The cost of solar even CFL’s are not cheap. Living in a third world country some of these things are not available to buy even if you have money. But press on, do what you can. Influence local government, inspire business to notice these things.