Some Changes Under The Hood

Being the cutting edge type. I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 almost the next day it was released. It was too easy. I have this site on Dreamhost 1 click install and upgrade.

I paid the price. My old theme (a slightly modified version of K2) broke the WordPress admin dashboard.

I should have tested it locally but I thought I’d be daring. Only today I found the time to test things locally and deploy a decent working theme. By the way the search was broken before, I hope no one noticed ;)

Here is what happend. K2 is a highly advanced theme with support for a lot of plugins and has its own sidebar manager. WordPess has its own sidebar manager. (Not as sleek as K2′s)

When I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 my old theme (K2 Release Candidate 4) broke the WordPress dashboard. I looked around quickly and found that K2 had fixed this in the main development branch. So now I moved to the last nightly snapshot of K2. K2 RC5 will be compatible with WordPress 2.5. Waiting for that.