I’m back. Boom and get-shit-done are our office catch phrases. Here’s Steve Jobs saying boom a lot.

I woke up last weekend with death cab for cutie in my head. I would have heard them somewhere so I looked them up. They sounded pretty good thanks to the free mp3s on their site.

I became a dad about a month ago, so I don’t get much sleep anymore. That and work has kept me in check most of the last 2 months or hence the silence.

I had to update WordPress on this blog too. I like open source a lot but sometimes I wish things won’t update so often. I’m getting old man, its hard to keep up with everything.

Just saw this Origami transforming stroller via Geek Brief TV. It looks cool and might work well as a golf caddy or something but I’m not putting my baby in there.


Random Mustang near the office. Check out more of my car photos here.

Hope you liked my random brain dump. Will try to post something more about coding or something later.