Indy 300 pits

Indy was great day out. I posted some mobile vids here. Thanks to my friend who dragged me along :)

I’ve been stuck in Windows for about 9 months now. I’ve been trying to get things to work as smoothly as I was used to in Ubuntu with Cygwin etc but its not working.

Sometime around next week I’m going back to Ubuntu. Just waiting for the official 8.10.

Been looking at a few options for mobile phones and notebooks as well. My current N80 is getting on the boring side. I’d like a iPhone for testing but I don’t want one personally. I can’t get a G1 down here yet. Then again I don’t want the first draft of Android. I want a better phone. The Nokia E71 seems good but I like the N95 8GB’s camera.

MacBook Air

Been drooling over the new MacBooks. My perfect setup would be Linux for development, Mac for play and Windows for testing.

I like open systems. I mac is not. Then again nothing else out there is as pretty. The design matters.

Sub notebooks are cheap and easy to move around the house, but they don’t have enough power to do much more than surfing and email.

So sadly nothing tagged for Christmas this year. :( Then again that’s a good thing. Not the best time to spend money with a global financial crisis and everything.