It was a good year. In January I came down to Australia for the first time for a holiday to get a feel of the place. Got to see some cool cars and animals :)

In February I was deciding to move to Australia. With a baby on the way and the house going through a renovation it was a tough call. The decider was the ever deteriorating state of the country and quality of life.

March to May it was visa forms and waiting for a word from Aussie immigration.

June was packing and sadness for leaving family behind.

Then it was resettlement in Australia. My friend here was so helpful and supportive that we got settled in quite fast.

More waiting in July and we had our moms visit in August just in time for our baby. She has definitely been the highlight of the year. The next few months was a blur with little sleep.

When Obama got elected in November I was happy. If he can materialize some of his flair in speech to action the whole world could benefit from it.

The rest of the year has been between just work and home. Christmas was just colored lights without the rest of the family. :(

Then again good year.