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Open Path IT Rebooted

Open Path IT

I’ve finally got around to putting up a page (ya just one for now) showing my freelance work. I’ve been freelancing here and there since around 1996. Most of the things I built have been too small to mention.

I give you Open Path IT.

Just a basic start for now. Open Path IT (Information or Inspiration Technologies) was supposed to be a software company that never got formed. One day maybe.

So if you got some work or looking for work within the skill-set I’ve mentioned get in touch.

Greener 2009

Welcome to 2009! There is nothing like a hot summer day to think about global warming. :) What we do in the next few years will hopefully reverse the effect or we are toast. Here are 2 interesting concepts I saw on kids science program* and sounded promising.

Supercapacitors are a hybrid of capacitors and batteries. They charge faster and hold more power than batteries. Hopefully it’ll make a difference in electric cars.

Polymer solar cells are plastic solar cells. They should be cheaper than silicone ones and they should be able to put them almost anywhere. In the program they mentioned how it could be weaved or lined on curtains for example.

* Ya kids program, these things should be in the news or other places where they could attract some investment.