Breaking the ice

I’m not really a writer. I prefer to code 100 lines than actually put down a sentence. But the blog thing was hot and I’m glad I jumped in the bandwagon at the time. I was once introduced as;

a fellow blogger that blogs now and then

and that fits me.

I’ve seen more than a few people fold up and shutdown their blogs in the last year or so. I’ve thought about it too but this thing costs me next to nothing to keep and so what if I don’t blog as often.

It’s good for a cubicle code monkey like me to have a public channel, even though only 12 Kottu visitors read me sometimes :)

A lot has changed for me in the last year or so. I’ve moved to Australia, and we had our first born here. Well thats 2 things if I say it like that, but its a world of change.

So I think its fair that I didn’t have the time to put down some words in a while, but anyway I’m back.