Monthly Archives: December 2009

Twenty Ten List

Here is my list for 2010, its always good to have a list.

  • MongoDB sounds promising
  • The mobile web/app space.
  • Android will kill the iPhone star
  • Yet Apple will keep making products we want to buy
  • Virtual private servers and cloud services
  • Ruby on Rails is too significant to ignore for PHP/Java folks
  • Linux will not take over the desktop market
  • Mac will continue to grow into the desktop market. With a pretty enough GUI and a Unix like back-end I’m not missing Linux
  • Linux will continue to grow in phones, TV’s, media players and everywhere else
  • Content aggregation, filtering and personalization
  • Sri Lanka as usual will be like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.

That’s it for now. Got any more?

Social Network Status Mapping

I use a plugin to post to twitter every time I post a blog post. I also have Facebook pull in my new posts and notes. This works reasonably well and I get some traffic from them.

You can also use twitter tools to post your tweets on your blog after a certain threshold. I don’t use that because I want to keep things separate. I’d rather have a block that shows my latest tweets somewhere.

There are so many ways you can cross post from your blog to twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn. For me personally this is too much cross posting of not too related content. Let me explain.

On twitter I have mostly techies, locals, bloggers and new age marketers. On Facebook I have friends and family who for the most part are not techies at all. On LinkedIn I have co-workers and professionals.

So for me at least these networks mean different things. I saw a tweet yesterday on LinkedIn it was a personal quote about love. Also when you see auto posted blog posts with tweets and link bits it seems less personal and mechanical. You know the blogger hasn’t taken the time to write something.

I prefer to post separately to each network depending on what I have to say. This is except for getting link backs for my blog posts which I mentioned first.

I’m sure there are people with a consistent profiles across networks that pull this off well, but I’ve yet to see one.

My 2 cents is keep things simple and think of the audience for your post before you setup automatic cross site posting.

So Much for 2009

Hope you enjoyed my moving to Australia posts, cause just after posting those I moved back to Sri Lanka. I won’t get into “moving back to Sri Lanka” cause its pretty painful and I’m sure no one will want to read it.

Why move back? Well although its a bit crappy here most of the time its home, and with the end of the war one can hope again. Here are a few first impressions of Sri Lanka for someone returning after a few years.

Driving has got worse and kind of easier. Before there were only a few idiots who drive bad, now everyone does, so you go with the flow and try not to hit anything.

Everything is more expensive. The quality of products are lower. A bar of soap has been carved in so many creative ways now its about half the weight at the old price.

There seems to be a few new local products trying to fill in the gaps of more expensive imports so that’s kicked off a bit of business.

Everyone seems to be doing more business than going to a 9 to 5 job.

2009 has been a decent year. I’m still working so I survived the recession. I thought coming down in time for the holidays would be a great idea, but this season was a bit damp and low-key. Not my kind of Christmas.

Most of the time I feel very few reads this. Since I got down I’ve spoken to a few people and it seems a few more do. So I’ll try to post a bit more often even if its not too technical.

By the way if anyone is hiring Java people drop me a line I know a decent J2ME developer looking for work.