Tropical storm or free car wash?

I haven’t had to wash the car in weeks. It just keeps raining down and keeping the poor car washers from decent work.

In other news I’m never freaking buying an assembled computer from Unity Plaza ever again! I bought one a few months ago an Atom. It was rigged from the start. First it came in a cute small case that makes a ton of fan noise for an Atom. Then the Samsung monitor didn’t work with the boxed power cable. I like Samsung but touch controls are not going to last long. Its just a monitor put some buttons on it!

Oh and that HP branded keyboard and mouse with 6 months warranty… the keyboard didn’t work!

I asked for Linux but they insisted on putting some bootlegged Windows XP in there that blew up in my face after a few updates. Not genuine eh? Format… Ubuntu 10.10. Its going to be fine now.

Here is an interesting video. Keep your goals to yourself.

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Its the end of the year. Looking back I want to believe I made good this year. I came down and just started working out of the spare room staring at a white wall. Now we have an office with a tree-top view mostly thanks to my wonderful wife. Who convinced me to build it without buying that nicer car. There are 4 more working with me and we have a water cooler. If there aren’t many power cuts we can make this work.

As for next year, watch the video, I have nothing to say ;)