Open Chat Podcast Intro

Welcome to December! I thought we’ll try out this Podcasting thing. If it was just me talking this would have been quite boring. Since now I have a few guys to chat after work we thought it would be a decent idea to put our tech chats on-line.

We are big fans of Sinhalen FOSS and Tech Katha. They do a great service and we are just here to complement them. Hopefully we can keep this going and share some information with the Sri Lankan community. Its recorded in Sinhala since that’s what we are most comfortable in. Maybe later we’ll do an English one as well.

Our show notes are in English because I can’t type Sinhala :(. If there is anyone willing to translate it to Sinhala and Tamil I’ll gladly post it. Meanwhile here is the introduction.

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Show Notes

I’m Dilantha as you might have guessed. I’ve been making web related stuff for over a decade now, so I have more than a few things to say.

Chathuranga is a multimedia guy and our Podcast producer. He has also about 10 years of experience doing everything from web, print, audio and video post production.

Primal is a mobile application developer turned PHP developer and he has about 3 years experience.