Pay Yourself First

Paying yourself first is good financial advice. I’m going to need to do some of that for my sites as well. I was going through some of my old sites, ideas and domains and they are not doing so well. is okay as far as WordPress core is concerned but the old K2 theme and numerous plug-ins are killing my page performance.

Date 05/12/2010
Average page load 10.9s
Home page size 1MB
Requests on home page 49
HTML requests 7
CSS requests 7
JavaScript requests 19
Images 11
Flash 4

I was getting very few search hits as well. The reason was my Sitemap plug-in was broken, and the web crawlers were not picking up the latest content. Bummer.

So looks like I have some tinkering to do over the holidays. That’s good considering I was demoted from Christmas decorations due to my lack of taste :(