Refresh Colombo

I finally managed to make it to a Refresh Colombo. It was a good ride except it took longer than I expected. I suggested to @nazly they keep things down to a few talks (like 3) and keep them short!

@chamara did a web standards talk which was good and useful. Web standards is the thing that we think at an end of a website as something that would be ‘nice to have’ but as he puts it should be practiced earlier and more evenly throughout a web project.

@devaka did a good talk about innovating vs. outsource services, and how well they were doing innovating. The audience didn’t ask him the most important question. Are you hiring? :)

@gihangamos talked about Colombo Ride 3D and the future of making games in Sri Lanka. You have to hand it to him for trying. Its a space that most people wouldn’t get into in Sri Lanka.

Overall good effort by @refreshcolombo I will try to attend more often and even attempt to present something myself.