Introducing Open Path IT

I finally setup a company for myself. Yay for me! Don’t believe the hype just yet. Then again there isn’t much hype about it right now. I’ve been trying to drum up some interest over the holidays but it was harder than I thought.

I might be a bit late to the website-company party but I’m packing a whole lot of punch behind it. I have a pretty good team around me that lets me do this.

We are starting with Sri Lankan small business websites so we can give a more localized and personal service. We believe we have something unique to offer. Ya I’ll be using ‘we’ a lot but its mostly just me. ;)

A few people asked me. Why do websites? Isn’t everyone else doing it? Well ya but that’s something I know I can do well and its a simple enough business to start when you know a bunch of good designers, and they do all the work for you.

My general instinct is to stick to something unique and untouchable but in this case I’ve seen many cases where we can do a better job.

We don’t have a killer solution (not yet at least), to be honest we can only handle a handful of clients at a time. But I think our clients like that we are small and spend some 1 on 1 time with them and get things right.

I’ve been building websites off and on since 1996, it was Mosaic times back then and we were exited about getting HTML tables!

Its a whole new ball game now. We are come very far in Internet time. So bring it on! We are here to play.