Meter Taxies Will Win

Indi is asking: What kind of taxi do you usually take?

I think he is building some kind of social app for taxis. At the moment on his poll meter taxies are winning. Here is what I think about that.

I voted for meter taxies too. Its the obvious choice there. If you call for a car or van from a cab company you have to wait, they have to figure out where you are and you have to wait a bit more.

And when the car or van comes its usually in crap condition. The cab companies have ‘packaged’ out plans these days so if you don’t fall into a plan you pay more for less.

Meter tuks are almost everywhere now. So its the obvious choice. You don’t have to haggle on price and you get a decent service. You see what you are spending and there is no magic thug pricing when you reach your destination.

When you are in an unknown place if you had a choice between a meter tuk and a non-metered tuk I would bet you would take the metered one. That’s because even if you don’t know the guy the meter levels out the unknown.

My bet is meters will become the normal because its better.