iPhone 4 No Service Issue

I’ve been hit with a “No Service” issue on my iPhone 4. I’ve been trying all sorts of fixes in the last few weeks.

I think my troubles began when I upgraded to iOS 5.1.1. Although there are ways to revert back I hadn’t kept a snapshot of the OS at 5.0.x

You have no idea how frustrating this is. First I thought it was a network issue. So I talked to Dialog and they suggested I get a new SIM. Well I got a new SIM but that didn’t work either.

So now after about 10 restores my only option seems to be to stay locked in 2G and lock the operator to Dialog as well. I can’t sync apps it breaks. I can’t use 3G it breaks. 2G and Wifi is all that works. I can install a few essential apps from the phone but that’s about it.

I’m hanging in there until a fix comes but I’m not happy. This was the best experience for a phone I have had. Its too complex and its a nightmare to fix. At the end of the day I don’t have a phone I can use. The complex computer / vendor behind the phone has screwed me over.

However this senario plays out I have decided to move to a midrange Android phone. Something like a HTC Exporer which is simpler, cheaper and is just smart enough to work as a phone.