Monthly Archives: August 2012

Geek Mobile Package

Sri Lanka has a decent mobile industry. I have a requirement that I think many share, that maybe mobile operators can solve.

I have a tab, a notebook and 2 mobile phones. Here is what I need.

  • A data SIM for my tab.
  • A data SIM and dongle for my notebook.
  • 2 voice sims with data for my phones.
  • About 5GB shared data between all the data SIMs
  • About 500 mins of voice and 500 SMS shared between my phones.
  • 1 e-bill

If you can pull this off plus number portability, you have my business.

Power Cuts

Its getting a bit difficult to work with these power cuts. 3 hours in the middle of the day kills a lot of productivity. This is why I got a Macbook (35 watts) instead of a iMac (300 watts).

Working with less resources and being offline maybe a good thing as well. Makes you focus on what really matters.

Twitter Having A Bad Day

Looks like Twitter is having a bad day on Hacker News.

Twitter to Client Developers: Drop Dead

Twitter sets max user caps for 3rd party clients and limits rates

Interpreting some of Twitter’s API changes

Twitter needs to get their shit together

Twitter Gives Developers 6 Months To “Properly” Display Tweet

I think they are trying to bring some more structure to 3rd party developers by limiting the API. They have grown too big and now I guess they think they can manage on their own.