5 Reasons not to get an iPhone 5

Here are a few reasons I won’t be getting an iPhone 5 anytime soon.

1. They never officially launched in Sri Lanka.

So there is no official support for it. The phones that are here have been brought down in various ways and sold at various prices.

I got mine down from Aussie which didn’t have any operator locks on it. Most other phones I know had to be operator unlocked and jailbroken just so that it could be used here.

I know Sri Lanka is a small market but it is still a viable market that they could have catered for.

Initially the iTunes store only had apps & some ebooks no music. Now they have enabled music.

2. Its pricy.

Sri Lankan mobile operators work with outright purchase phones. So even if we had the iPhone here it would be quite expensive coming from a mobile operator or official store.

If I had to buy one in Aussie it’ll be 799AUD or 108,664LKR! Yikes that for a phone my kid can break in an instant, no thanks.

3. Its not a major update.

Seriously the 5 is just a incremental update. Nothing too far away from the 4S. Most people can’t even tell the difference.

4. Bad iOS updates.

They screwed me with the iOS 5.1.1 update on my 4 and never fixed it because they were launching iOS 6.

There is no way to go back to any last updates. Basically for the last 2 months my 4 is a camera in Air Plane mode. That’s the most expensive point and shoot I have ever had. Useless.

5. Too closed.

Well coming from Apple this is a given. But to the extent that if I make an app for myself I can’t even put it on my phone without an Apple developer account.

Its great if you are only in an Apple eco system. Even if you are all your friends and work mates won’t be. iOS only lets you do what Apple says it can do, you can’t extend it.