Less Content More Quality

I have one task this morning. That is to write this blog post. The internet is where I live and build the future. But these days things have got a bit overwhelming.

There are so many bits of information to consume that its turning into TV. Remember that relic? They are trying to make it interactive but its TV.

TV has run its course. Publishing content on a schedule where you expect people to site down synchronously and consume is not working.

It will eventually turn into a large display for your internet.

I think its important to publish. That’s why I keep this blog around. But I don’t want to split out stuff that’s useless as well. Bots and apps can make you a cool realtime personalised news feed but you can’t beat a mind of a focused person and how they can curate information.

Which is why I love sites like One Thing Well (down at the moment) clean, focused and readable.

You should read Stop Publishing Web Pages by Anil Dash. Its makes a lot of sense to change the way we publish content because the way we consume has changed.