I Want To Be A Better Writer

Going through my messy blog posts for the last 5 years I realised that I need to become a better writer. Although it’s not my current job to write well, I think it needs to be better so I can improve my life.

All this time I thought this was a coder’s blog, one that shows I’m a good programmer and I’m willing to share and learn.

Boy was I wrong. There was very little I had written about coding at all. Mostly it was tech tips and rants.

I mean I didn’t check myself, I would just share something and go back to work.

Okay this changes everything. I’m 5 years too late to talk about code. I’m not just a coder anymore.

I belive if I rather share my unique story and my experiences it would be more meaningful and useful, so that’s what I’ll do.

Even if I fail again a few years down the line as a writer, it was worth going through this process to figure this out.