Sri Lankan CV Tips

I was going through some resumes (or CVs) recently and it shocked me back into writing a blog post about them.

The CVs posted were for a junior software developer role in Sri Lanka. Hopefully these tips will help you along the way to find a good starter job.

Don’t include your personal details like National ID, gender, date of birth and address. I don’t know if you have heard of identity theft, but its a bad idea to include too much personal details.

Maybe you are trying to look trustworthy but it doesn’t say anything about your skills, and that’s what we are looking for.

Do include your basic contact details like email and mobile number. If you are keen to show you live near by just mention your town or city but not the full address.

If you want to include a photo include it in your LinkedIn profile and just add the link to your profile.

Do include your skills in platforms, environments, programming languages and database systems.

Don’t bother with version numbers.

Leave out your school results and extra curricular activities. You are applying to become a programmer, chances are you won’t get out much after this.

Do include any computer related qualifications. If you did any interesting projects mention that and what your role was in them.

Someone mentioned that he did a mobile app to identify bird calls, although the hiring company may never build something like that it makes you stand out, so good job.

Don’t do fancy formatting with weird fonts and tables and funky bullet points. Look at American or Australian resume formats, keep it simple and readable.

Do put references in a separate document and say “available on request”.

Attach CVs as PDFs, Word doc or docx is also fine as long its formatted cleanly.