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AppCleaner Tip

AppCleaner is one of those apps you never delete. It helps you clean up other apps. Its pretty good at what it does. It usually goes in and finds the app’s downloaded installer as well as residual property files.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that if you select more than 1 app to delete it’ll get a bit confused and select a few unrelated items as well.

So my tip is to delete an app at a time. ;)

Side note: Why delete Google Drive? Well it and another bunch of non essential apps were eating up my memory and boot up time. So I dumped them all and optimized things a bit.

Organize Photos Into Monthly Folders

I had a few months worth of photos on my phone that needed to be imported and sorted.

All I wanted to do was move the photos into monthly folders. So I found exiftool that had some options that did what I wanted.

If you have Homebrew on mac you can install it like this.

brew install exiftool

Here is the command I used to move my photos.

exiftool -d %m "-directory<datetimeoriginal" *.jpg
exiftool -d %m "-directory<datetimeoriginal" *.JPG

If you wanted to move them into year/month folders, it would go something like this

exiftool -d %Y/%m "-directory<datetimeoriginal" *.jpg
exiftool -d %Y/%m "-directory<datetimeoriginal" *.JPG

Have a look at the docs and organize away.