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Internet Issues

You would think in 2003 that the Internet would be fast and reliable. Not so much where I live in Sri Lanka. The major and only wired provider Sri Lanka Telecom’s (SLT) ADSL is unusable as I write this.

Around the end of the month the SLT ADSL line starts to suffer. Usually when I change packages it seems to be fine for a few months then my connection seems to drop off constantly.

When I complain 2 guys show up and fiddle with the weather battered and corroded switch-box outside and make it work for a few more weeks.

I gave up a while ago. I’ve been using a Etisalat data dongle as a backup and it seems to be the only option that I have today.

Power Cuts

Its getting a bit difficult to work with these power cuts. 3 hours in the middle of the day kills a lot of productivity. This is why I got a Macbook (35 watts) instead of a iMac (300 watts).

Working with less resources and being offline maybe a good thing as well. Makes you focus on what really matters.