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How I Think You Should Use LinkedIn Skills Tagging

The LinkedIn skill tagging feature is catching on. But I think most people are not using it properly.

I get endorsements for skills from my friends and contacts. Friends will endorse all my skills even if we haven’t worked on them together. Contacts seem to endorse so that they can get endorsed back. Again not really paying attention to what skills we have worked on.

Here is what I think you should be doing.

  • Setup a few skills that you are really good at
  • Approve and give endorsements only if you have worked with those skills together

End Of Freemium. Yay!

Hey folks. Google Apps just ended their free account for business. This is sad in a way but if have a profitable business you should technically be able to pay for a service like this.

Personal accounts are free (for now). And I figure it’ll be that way for quite a while.

Here is the thing. I make web apps too and I’m broke most of the time because people expect most things to be free or very cheap online.

I hope you start paying even small amounts because it takes a lot of effort to build these things and we have bills to pay just like you ;)

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Gmail Update

Gmail got a face-lift today. The main sections Mail, Contacts and Tasks are links on the top left. All actions are buttons so Compose was changed to a button as well. Small changes but have a look at this line in the change log.

A smaller header area puts the first message in your inbox about 16 pixels higher on the screen.

Now that’s the kind of detail most people don’t bother with. These days sweating the small stuff seems to be the way to keep above the competition.

SimpleXMLElement attributes

Ya unless you work on PHP SimpleXML that title won’t make much sense. But if you do and you need to mess with SimpleXML as I have been lately to parse some Media RSS feeds you will need to use this function.

I was using it to store some urls in a drupal job queue and it was dropping in serialized SimpleXMLElement objects rather than urls.

If you go to the relevant PHP manual page you will find a comment that explains that you need to cast these attributes as string to get the value I was looking to store.

What was more interesting was Googling php SimpleXMLElement shows the solution on the second result as a summery.

Damn they are good.