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Internet on the Road with WIFI, 3G and JoikuSpot

I tried out JoikuSpot with my Nokia N80 and notebook. Its simple to setup and worked pretty well. This is definitely useful on the road.

This method can’t beat 3G modems since they can go up to 7.5Mbps. The Nokia N80 only supports 384 kbps. But its better than buying a dedicated 3G modem for me because I don’t need to use it often between ADSL points.

If you don’t already have a 3G phone it might be cheaper and faster to get a 3G modem.

I checked Mobitel and Dialog for 3G modems a few months ago. Back then I was on Linux only and they didn’t have drivers etc. This should work on Linux as well since its on WIFI.

JoikuSpot has a few limitations at this time. It only supports HTTP/HTTPS and the WIFI hotspot is not secure. They say other protocols and security is on the way.

Here is the introduction from the developers:

JoikuSpot is a free mobile software solution that turns a Nokia Smartphone to a WLAN HotSpot. You will carry internet in your pocket. Connect your laptop to web everywhere! FREE — INSTANT — EASY

Mobitel 3G Access Point Settings for Nokia N80

First of all this info should be on mobitel.lk. I had to wait almost a week before I could get on-line with my new Mobitel connection. I tried calling customer support a few time with no luck. Finally I went to head office today and someone helped me out. Here are the settings.

To get to access points go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > Access points (could be shorter)

Connection name: MobitelWAP

Data bearer: Packet data

Access point name: java

User name: None

Prompt password: No

Password :

Authentication: Normal

Homepage: http://wap.mobitel.lk

Now go to Options > Advance settings

Network type: IP4

Phone IP address: Automatic

DNS address: Automatic

Proxy serv. address:

Proxy port number: 8080