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Improved Meta Description With WordPress

Google Webmaster tools was complaining that my content had duplicate meta descriptions. I found that it was always displaying the blog description on all the pages.

I found quite a few meta tag plugins but I settled for the Improved Meta Description Snippets plugin with a small modification.

I added this else block at line 119 In the improved-meta-description-snippets.php

else { 
	echo '';

That displays the default blog description on the home page. Then I removed the default meta description in the header.php in my current theme.


How do I change my site’s title and description?

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Improve snippets with a meta description makeover

SMS Reminders with Google Calendar on Dialog and Tigo

Google Calendar

Did you know you can get SMS reminders from Google Calendar in Sri Lanka? Well you can if your on Dialog or Tigo. Here’s how.

  1. Once in Google Calendar go to Settings (top right)
  2. Then go to Mobile Setup
  3. Select “Sri Lanka” for the “Country” and enter your mobile number like +94777xxxxxx
  4. Click Send Verification Code
  5. Enter the verification code you get on your mobile and click Finish Setup

Now when you add an event add a SMS reminder and you are set.