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Moving to Australia – Part 2

Catch up and read part 1 of this guide where I’m documenting my experience of moving to Gold Coast Australia from Sri Lanka.

Now that you are settling in you need stuff for your place. eBay and IKEA are your friends. Also keep an eye out for weekend garage sales.

The Gold Coast City Council website has a ton of information about parks, markets, events etc.

When you get tired of popping burgers those markets come in handy to find curry leaves etc ;) Also its much cheaper than supermarkets for fruits and veggies.

Daily needs is a great online shop for buying Sri Lankan food.

One critical thing I should have mentioned in the first post was getting a mobile phone. I recommend Virgin Mobile pre-paid. If you bought a GSM mobile from Sri Lanka just buy a SIM from almost any phone or news stand and top-up on the site.

Virgin Mobile is the only operator that will let you use all your bonus minutes to talk to Sri Lanka. Everyone else has a limit before the full cap amount.

If you are looking to buy a phone try All Phones. There are cheap pre-paid phones you can unlock later or just buy one outright.

Moving to Australia – Part 1

I moved to Aussie just over an year ago from Sri Lanka. Since then I’ve had quite a few Sri Lankans ask me about the move and other information about this place. I’ve tried to help them out where I can. I thought of sharing this information here so it might help out some newly migrating folks.

There was a very real-world blog post on Kottu sometime back about moving here and how it really was as opposed to what migration seems like from a Sri Lankan perspective. If you know about it please comment with the link and I’ll add it as a related post.

Here goes nothing, as with any advice take it with a pinch of salt. Some things are more relevant to the Gold Coast where I live.

Australia is definitely a good place to move to if you are planning to move somewhere. I’ve considered Canada and New Zealand and I think this was the better bet.

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