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Crazy Emails

Please don’t email me prayers or jokes with hundreds of people CC’ed. There is a very high likelihood I would delete them without even opening it.

I’m serious. You wonder how you get spammed so much its because you forward very free iPod giveaway email to all our buddies and get them in the spam ring as well.

Think about it. When was the last time anyone you know really got a free iPod?

Powerless in Paradise

Right on the eve of Sri Lankan new year celebrations we loose power. Gee thanks LECO and CEB, thanks for nothing.

We never fixed our power issues. We just pushed it around and now looks like we’ll be importing power from India. We should look at alternative power more seriously. Solar, wind, mini hydro etc.

We have not considered the oil-less, food-less future we are going to hit. Take your holiday; light more crackers; be with family and talk to them about this future. When you come back fuel and food will hit new highs and you’ll have lots more to worry about.